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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Trading is DIFFICULT no Matter What Fishhook Advertisers Say!

Hello Traders.

I realised something recently whilst working with students and also through the numerous emails I receive from people struggling with trading – it is very rare for someone in the trading community to come out and say:


There is plenty of fishhook advertising with things like:

‘Financial freedom in three months.’

‘You can make 100% per month.’

‘Our client turned 27 pence into £200,000 in six months!’

The problem is that it is invariably the latter, fishhook style advertising that brings people to the markets. Although we know inherently that this type of advertising is simply there to catch our attention and reel us in, people are prone to listen to it all the same. The reason is that these messages are very effective at worming their way into your mind. They stick there and the more often you see them, the louder they seem to speak –

Well, what if it is possible? I could quit the job I hate and I could go and do all the things I’ve always wanted to do. I don’t even need that much starting capital. This could be my way out!

And then as with the fishhook that sinks into the fishes mouth and shows its true form as a barb designed to haul said fish from the water, so do your dreams come crashing down around your ears.

Because –


I am sick of hearing from people who have lost the majority of their savings, or who have invested thousands with these imbeciles promising the world and then not delivering.


A trading educator can only show you the way and give you the best tools that will set you up with the best chance of making it as a trader. After that? You bet your ass it’s going to be a lot of hard work. There will still be low periods, times when you want to cry and give up and walk away. There is still a very high chance that you wont make it as a trader.

There you have it. The truth.

As educators, our aim is to make things easier for you. Scrape away all of the nonsense that we had to suffer through and only provide quality, effective and usable information. We also offer support, advice and help. But no educator can promise you those ridiculous fishhook claims. The work lands on your own shoulders, and it is going to take time. Think 1 to 2 years at an absolute minimum before you can consider yourself not only consistent, but also confident enough to even consider trading full time.

Approach trading with caution. Understand that there are no guarantees and your best option is to have a long term view of things.

1) You will learn how to trade.

2) You will then try a demo account. You may grow and do very well on the demo account.

3) You will go live. You will realise that trading live is vastly different from trading a demo account.

4) You will have mistakes, you will lose money, you will want to give up…

5) Now here you get to the crossroads. You either throw more money at it and follow the high risk attitude suggested by those fishhook advertisers and go bust… or you continue with the slowly slowly, steady steady approach.

Because becoming a trader is possible. But you need to be willing to work at it and take your time. Start off as a disciplined trader at the very beginning and you are setting a solid foundation to carry you forward. Don’t allow yourself to be suckered in by fishhook advertising.

People can make 100% per month, they can even do it for 6 months, heck, a year if they are lucky… but it always ends in tears. Want proof? Do some very simple math and work out how much they would have starting with a meagre £2,000 account, making 100% per month after only 2 years… I’ll give you a clue… it’s into the BILLIONS… and why don’t we see them on the rich lists? Why don’t these educators own the entire planet along with their students? Because it doesn’t happen!

If you want to be successful at trading or anything in life, it is possible. I have never met you and I believe it is possible for you. I know this because I am a ‘normal’ person (my sister disagrees!) and I have proven to myself over and over again that if I just work at something with enough determination and commitment, I can achieve what I set my mind to. You are no different.

Approach your goals with common sense as well as passion. Don’t let the ‘get rich quick’ brigade hamper your dreams and set you back.

As always, I hope you’ve all had a great trading week!

James Orr

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