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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

T-Model Trader Interviews James Orr - Final Part

 Hello Traders.

Here is the final section of T-Model Trader interviewing me. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

James Orr

Question 18

For this last part of the interviews, I would like to leave the trading talk behind and head off in a different direction.

A few days ago I was chatting with several people and the discussion turned to world figures, both current or from the past, which have personally been inspirational.

It was deeply interesting who was on that list and the reasons why.

So, I would like to ask you this same question and what is about that person(s) that you find inspiring?

James Orr

That is actually quite a difficult question and one I haven’t thought about too much to be honest! I’ve never been one for celebrity in the traditional sense of looking up to musicians, sport stars or film stars. I’ve never been able to understand the whole lining up to see a famous person or getting an autograph or anything like that.

There are a couple of people who pop to mind though when I think about inspiring characters:

-       James Dyson. He basically redesigned something that no one had really given a second though to. It was fixing something that wasn’t really broken and he has managed to turn Dyson into a household name and a product that all of his rivals copy. The mixture of his invention and also advertising took a hoover company to a multi-billion pound business. That is a pretty phenomenal feat… He also has a really strong first name!

-       Thomas Edison. He embodies in his approach to things everything I would love to emulate. I think it was over 1,000 failed attempts before he cracked the lightbulb. That shows a level of determination, discipline and self-belief that is absolutely amazing. I think 99% of the population would have given up after 100 failed attempts, and yet he kept going until he got the results that he wanted. Now, I’ve been called stubborn a fair few times (mostly by my girlfriend!) however I would love to be able to focus on something with such a strong purpose.

Question 19

I noticed that in your last answer you chose people who are designers/creators/inventors.....interesting in that you seem to have that streak in you as well.

Now, you did say that you were going to take a trade from the lilo whilst on holidays. You have also stated in the past about setting up on a beach to trade as well.
So......its time for the creative imagination section. 
You can choose to be and live anywhere in the official boring things like visas etc. 

What would be the view from your ideal trading room?

James Orr

It would be an office with floor to ceiling windows that overlooks a body of water. It can be a lake or loch, but I would prefer the ocean. There’s something very calming about the water, and especially the rhythmic sounds of waves breaking on the shore. I think it would also be fantastic to sit at work whilst a huge storm rages and beats against those windows! I'll attach a picture of something similar.

Question 20

There has been something that has had me perplexed with you over the last year or so of listening to your review videos. I have come close to emailing you a few times to see what the problem is and now I have the perfect platform to solve this mystery.

If I was putting out the daily review videos, I have no doubt that at some point a few "Aussie" phrases would have just popped out of my mouth without me thinking to say them. To have said something like...."Crikey mate....what a fair dinkum zone this one is" would have just been a natural thing to do.
Likewise, if I was listening to someone from the southern states of America, then a "Y'all have a good trading day Ya hear" would be a most appropriate thing to hear. all this time, NOT ONCE have I heard  you say..."What a wee bonny morning trade that was"....or the likes.

You've completely shattered my lovely stereotype of all Scottish people saying wee bonny every second sentence.
What gives?
Are you really Scottish or just good at accents? 

James Orr

You’ve got me. I’m actually an artificial intelligence bot using a Scottish accent because research said it was relatable. Now that you know, it’s time to tell you all about my new trading system with a 99% success rate that averages 400% per month!

Question 21

Well this brings the interviews to an end. It has been fascinating hearing you speak about your trading evolution and gives me hope (others too no doubt) that there can be success with discipline and dedication to the process. 
I will be taking several key points from this interview and writing about my own version of them in the T model blog over the next few postings as there is lots of content to them.

So...thanks for opening up and telling us all about your personal trading journey.
I also realized my mistake in an earlier should have been...I am sitting at the kitchen table with 2 that would have been more revealing!

Is there any final words that you want to add to this to finish up?

James Orr

Well first of all thank you for taking the time to do the interview. It was a fun experience and helped me revisit a lot of memories I had almost forgotten about!

I really hope that the interview more than anything gets across that I am just a normal guy. It’s all too easy for people to see a YouTube channel of a trader or trading educator and get it in their mind that the person they are watching has some special talent and smashes through the trading world like a profit taking wrecking ball.

In fact that is not true. If someone is promoting that ‘it’s easy’ attitude and lording it over you with all their ‘huge profits’, then they are quite simply, liars and/or marketers.

Trading can be learned by anyone, but only if it is approached in a sensible, long term way. You aren’t going to become a millionaire quickly with trading. But you can build yourself a skill set that allows you to partake in a career that is one of the most freeing and enjoyable out there.

And as a very cheesy sign off, I’ll use the Decisive Trading mantra – ‘Master Yourself. Master the Market.’

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