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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Beginner Trader Blog Post - Craig Sanders Post 5

Hello Traders.

I hope you're all enjoying this series as much as I am. I like the two different styles of both Craig and T-Model Trader, but also how the same key points keep shining through. I hope these are helping some of the beginners out there who are on their journey and who have perhaps suffered through teh same difficulties - hint - we all have!

I hope you've all had a great trading week!

James Orr

Blog Post 5 - Craig Sanders

Revision, I like to call it…..

Hi again all, in today’s post I’m wanting to scratch the surface on how much I personally think the ‘review videos’ that James includes in his subscription service each day add great insight into not only the learning of technicals but more importantly how they are what I believe the ‘golden nuggets’ of the MIND for all aspiring beginner traders that have chosen to take part in Decisive Trading’s ‘Zone Trader’ course.

So, for those of you that are not familiar with the set-up, ill briefly explain… As a Zone Trader, having undertaken the ‘5-minute timeframe course’, people most certainly tend to find great value in their own learnings and understanding of the market/system after the course is complete that they go on to being paid monthly subscribers to Decisive Trading’s morning analyse videos and key information daily login page. This is a service where you have direct daily access to James giving his detailed analyse for the particular day along with a video explaining in greater detail the forecast ahead for the FTSE and/or AUD/USD currency pair, depending which your preference to trade if not both :-)

At the end of each trading day, James then goes on to record a ‘review video’ which he then uploads to the internet for direct access by all subscribing members. He walks you through the market from the opening time all the way through to the closure, explaining in excellent, easy to follow detail of what the market did, how it reacted to key daily levels identified from the morning analysis and he also goes into great detail on management areas created during market hours and how and why you should potentially take everything explained into consideration. This of course with the key aim for us all to blossom into ‘consistently profitable traders’ over time.

Myself personally have found these ‘daily review videos’ super yes super crucial and helpful from a confidence re-enforcement point of view as well as measuring up my own trading thoughts on any particular day VS the break down video & James’s overall opinion.

The reason I felt the need to pick the pen up and write this in my trading diary back in April 2016 (typing to explain my past notes) is due to a few negative trades that had gone against me. This of course is normal and does happen, however, no matter how well you stick to your rules and follow your trading plan, a few losses in consistent flow after 1 another can and still will influence one’s mind into a ‘negative self-doubting’ down spiral state. Myself and I’m sure most experience this also and at most times manage to shake off the losers and move forward to the next trade. Yet, occasionally when the market isn’t responding how one might be anticipating or better to say - responding well to your proven ‘edge’ then this is where and when the ‘after market breakdown video’ is a blessing in disguise… An example being, I took another large loss recently, causing some self-doubt to creep back in again, however the following morning when I woke (being in Australia I receive my review videos the next morning) to my routine with a strong bitumen looking coffee at 6am sharp followed by loading my emails to watch the review video and compare/cross check with my trading actions implemented for the previous (same day) day.

When you analyse what is actually being explained on the breakdown videos and then see it matches exactly the actions/mannerisms/methods you portrayed on that very same day, this then gives you superior confidence and a sense of fulfilment that your learnings and understanding of trading and the market are aligned and heading in the right direction. (The potential difference between winning and quitting)!!!

This is where I pull up my captured screenshots iv banged on about in past posts with all notes attached and then compare the breakdown video against my screenshot and begin the learning process. When the breakdown video matches your choices made, even if the market went against you, it is still a feeling well worth having and this is why I think and feel it is 110% KEY to being part of the support subscription service whilst starting out to learn how to trade successfully. “Hand on heart, I feel had I not been part of receiving the review videos then it is possible to say I could have potentially been dis-heartened somewhat and may have even thrown in the towel to my trading journey during a stint of repeat emotional pain we all unfortunately experience.

To me, without the reassurance of daily breakdown video lessons/market evaluations and having nothing to compare one’s learnings with then the far greater the risk for a beginner’s confidence to be shattered is and then trading could be no more!!

 No doubt in my mind there has been plenty of traders drop off from pursuing trading just from something as simple as reinforcing one’s beliefs and teachings with mentor assistance or in this case, review videos for support. So my tip to anyone who is as thirsty as myself for trading success….. - be patient and do ALL that is necessary to give yourself that advantage / ‘EDGE’ in any way shape or form you can and I promise you will not regret it!

Failing to prepare = preparing to fail

Until next time, enjoy and ‘move to the next trade’ :-)


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