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Monday, 2 November 2015

Information on the Jedi Trading Room - Coming 2016

I hope you all had a good weekend. I get asked quite frequently if I offer any sort of live trading room. I’ve decided to go ahead with this as of 2016 so I’ll lay out some of the details here for anyone who is interested. More details will be released as and when I figure out the platform I’ll be using and also costing etc.

In 2016 I will launch the Jedi Trading Room (thank you Jack Turner for the idea for a name). This room will be somewhere you can join in order to follow my trades, and where I can talk you through my thinking of each trade and give you the experience of a professional, profitable trader. I will be launching the room with two access levels.

The first level will be a cheaper version whereby all Jedi Subscribers will receive a video analysis each morning before the FTSE 100 opens. It will outline the zones I am looking at, my overall thoughts on the markets and when there is a trade I see setting up before the open (due to market dynamics) I will also explain how you can trade it, with ‘set and forget’ criteria. This will benefit people who perhaps just need a helping hand and the confirmation from a professional that what they are looking at and have marked on the charts is correct. It will also help people who work full time but would still like to make money from trading. It will involve less trades due to the nature of the trades available, but I will look to offer you two or three per week.

Level two will be full access. You will receive the aforementioned videos each morning, and will also have access to the trading room. In the trading room I will guide you through my trades, including exact entry, profit taking and exits should the trade turn against you. This is a very beneficial service for anyone serious about trading. You will share my experience and be able to copy my trades on the FTSE 100. Check out some of my recent YouTube videos if you want to see what you can expect results wise. The Level 2 Jedi subscription is for anyone who wants to make money, with the potential for full time income, without the stress and hardship of slogging it out with the markets by yourself, crushed by uncertainty.

Level 2 Jedi will trade exactly as I trade. This means that when my daily target is met, we are finished for the day. Quite often this happens before lunch (but not always). The rest of your day will then be free to do whatever you like. I will leave you with further trade ideas should you wish to continue trading. But for me, trading is an escape from the 9-5 slog and so the earlier we finish, the better! For example, today I was finished by 9am – not bad for a Monday!

Times for the training room will be:

Open – 7:45am GMT
Close – Times vary depending when our trades complete, however the FTSE 100 closes at 4:30pm GMT.

Pricing for both levels will be announced in early 2016, but I aim to keep it cheap enough that even with a relatively small account, you can more than make your money back and a good profit on the vast majority of months. My results speak louder than I can – they are some of the best in the trading business.

As mentioned to everyone who has already taken the training course, I will be offering you a discount on the subscription service and I’ll announce this in 2016 also.

If you would like to keep up to date with the live room (it saves people emailing me!) please register at my training site. You do not need to purchase the training course to enrol, however I will receive your email address and I can message you when the details are finalised for the room.

Training Room Site –

I hope you all have a great trading week!


  1. I am excited James. was gonna ask you about it .just seen your update.
    J AL

    1. I must admit, I'm looking forward to it. It brings together my love of trading with helping others achieve their goals