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Monday, 19 October 2015

1,000 YouTube Subscribers - Competition for Free Training this Wednesday!

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When I started this YouTube channel, my expectations were to have somewhere around 200 subscribers by Christmas. And then, over the weekend, the number of subscribers rose above 1,000. I’m fairly surprised and also delighted. I really enjoy receiving messages from people telling me that they have either started learning about trading or have finally become profitable by using the videos and methods I post.

There’s also a lot of spam comments and more than a fair share of hate too, which is also appreciated and rather amusing (not the spam, the spam is just plain annoying!). I always find it funny when someone takes the time to tell me that the free videos and blog posts are of no use and I don’t know what I’m talking about. As a full time, profitable trader, I don’t really know how to reply most of the time!

The training course has also been very well received, and thank you for all the feedback on that. I’m glad it has been what you were looking for and I hope it helps you make the step into trading full time or simply teaches you enough to be consistent in profit making.

The  special offer on the course is now finished, however I’m going to run a competition giving away access to two people for absolutely free. I’ll post details about that in the review video that will be on YouTube this Wednesday (21st October).

Fairly short post, mainly just to say thank you again for the support. 

I hope you all have a great trading week!

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