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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Upcoming Training Programme (16th September)

Well, the long slog is almost over! It has taken me an incredible amount of time/effort putting the course together and getting it to a level where I knew it would be exactly what I needed when I was learning/struggling to trade.

This course is focused on the Ftse 100, trading the 5 minute timeframe. The methods can be carried across into other markets and also Forex pairs, however the specific setups (candlesticks) are tailored to the Ftse 100.

I’ve tried to build the course in a way that it covers anything that can come up when you’re trading. I’ve shown you how to plan your day, spot key levels and turn the three strongest level identifiers into powerful trading zones. On top of that there is an advanced money management section and also a section dedicated to dealing with emotions when trading.

This is exactly how I trade the Ftse 100 and is a no nonsense approach. There is an in depth full week of reviews and trading results included so you can see exactly how it works week to week and what to expect. I also give countless tips and advice during the week of reviews.

My intention has always been to help people become successful traders and with the course almost completed, I know that this can help you achieve your goals. As a thank you for all the support through the YouTube channel, Facebook page and also the blog, I am offering the course for a 50% discount for the entire first month, which will be £100. For the information and methods I give you as well as the work I’ve put into it I think this is a very cheap price!

The course will be ready next week and I plan on launching it on Wednesday the 16th of September so I’ll keep everyone updated. As part of the course I will also give all purchasers first access to the Subscription service I’m going to launch next year and also at a discounted rate. In the training programme I mention the subscription service, however I was at times still undecided whether or not it was going ahead. This was purely because I love the freedom that trading gives me and tying myself down to a full time service was something I had to think about seriously.

The subscription service will be a live trading room where you can speak to me, ask me questions and also follow my trades. It will likely be in the morning session for two hours per day (I usually have at least one trade per day before 10am on 80% of trading days).

As you will see in the programme, the trading system is highly effective. I regularly have trading weeks with no losses at all. Thank you again for all of the support.

I hope you’ve had a great trading week!

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  1. Hi James, I am interested in your course and I have been looking for your email address to correspond with you about your course. I could not find your email address on your blog. Can you contact me at Thank you :)